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Half-day Pre-conference Workshop 2019

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Preliminary Presentations

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Pre-Conference Workshop 1:
How To Integrate Transformational Work into Your Clinical Practice: Insights from AEDP 
Presenters: Diana Fosha and Nuno Conceição

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Therapy (AEDP) is a healing-oriented mind/body treatment that puts positive neuroplasticity into systematic action. One of the aspects that allows it to do that is a methodology called metatherapeutic processing -or metaprocessing for short - through which systematic work with transformational experiences organically leads to further rounds of transformation and upward spirals of energy and vitality and integrative new self states.

Metaprocessing grew out of the discovery that experientially processing the experience of transformation is itself transformational, giving rise round after round of healing affects, and this is described in AEDP’s transformational phenomenology, which guides-to-moment tracking and the therapist’s choice of interventions. Because metaprocessing takes place after an experience of change-for-the-better, however that change-for-the-better is arrived at, it can be easily integrated into clinical practices other than, and quite different from, AEDP. 
Through the extensive use of clinical videotapes, Diana Fosha will illuminate the phenomenology of the transformational process; teach the basic metatherapeutic methodology in such a way that it can be integrated into any clinical practice; and show how experiential work with transformational experience  unfolds clinically and can  be used to thus consolidate therapeutic gains, foster resilience, expand relational capacity. Nuno Conceição will present research findings that demonstrate how metaprocessing can be chunked into distinct and coherent elements that can be easily integrated into any therapeutic approach, and not only AEDP.


Pre-Conference Workshop 2:
An Introduction to Pluralistic Therapy
Presenters: John McLeod, Julia McLeod, Marcella Finnerty and Rolf Sundet

Pluralistic therapy brings together insights from therapy theory and research, wider cultural traditions, and existing models of therapy integration. The core idea in pluralistic therapy is that different people find different things helpful at different times. This workshop offers participants an introduction to the basic principles of a pluralistic approach, and opportunities to participate in experiential activities that exemplify key aspects of pluralistic practice.


Pre-Conference Workshop 3:
From Same Old Storytelling to  Self-Narrative Change :  An evidence-based,  marker guided  approach to facilitating  client  change  processes in brief therapy.
Presenters: Lynne Angus, Chrissie Macaulay and Jasmine Khattra

This workshop will provide clinicians with  an introduction to the Narrative-emotion Process Model  (Angus et al 2017), an  integrative, evidence-based  approach to working with both  narrative and emotion  process markers for the facilitation of autobiographical memory reconsolidation (Levenson, Angus & Poole in press) and  self narrative change will be highlighted.  In particular,   key  marker- guided , therapist responses and  interventions that  enhance client engagement in   narrative-emotion  transition and change processes will be demonstrated  using videotape excerpts, drawn from early, working and late phase EFT, CBT and Psychodynamic therapy sessions.







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