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Webinar Recordings

Recent Webinar Recordings 

An Overview of Psychotherapy Integration: History and current issues

Presented by Paul Wachtel & Marvin Goldfried

Recorded July 13, 2020

Enjoy this lively conversation with two giants in the field of psychotherapy integration. Marvin Goldfried and Paul Wachtel, co-founders of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration,  discuss the history of psychotherapy integration, current issues in the field, and the future of psychotherapy integration. Alex Vaz and Tracy Prout  moderate the discussion about this complex topic. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from and connect with two of the most prolific and powerful voices in the field of psychotherapy integration today.


Read Marvin Goldfried's article Obtaining consensus in psychotherapy: What holds us back? to learn more about this topic.



Telepsychotherapy in the Age of COVID-19

Held June 25, 2020, 6-8 pm

Moderated by Jennifer Callahan


Dr. Shari Wade 
Telepsychotherapy with Children and Families: Lessons Gleaned from Two Decades of Translational Research.  Dr. Shari Wade's Slides


Dr. Stéphane Bouchard

Telepsychotherapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Impact on the Working Alliance.

Dr. Stéphane Bouchard's Slides


Dr. Camilo Ruggero

eHealth to Redress Psychotherapy Access Barriers Both New and Old: A Review of Reviews and Meta-Analyses. Dr. Camilo Ruggero's Slides


Reaching for Clinical Expertise: Deliberate Practice in Psychotherapy

presented by Tony Rousmaniere & Alexandre Vaz

Friday, May 29th at 6 PM EST

Deliberate practice, an evidence-based method for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of therapist development and skill acquisition, is one of the hottest topics in psychotherapy today. Tony and Alex will teach us about the theory and principles of deliberate practice and how it can enhance our clinical skill development for all levels of clinical experience.

SEPI’s deliberate practice webinar is based on the upcoming American Psychological Association Press's book series "The Essentials of Deliberate Practice", and the published books, "Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists", "Mastering the Inner Skills of Psychotherapy: A Deliberate Practice Handbook", and the edited volume "The Cycle of Excellence: Training, Supervision, and Deliberate Practice". Free resources on Deliberate Practice are available at the Deliberate Practice Institute here:


Prior Webinar Recordings 

Louis Castonguay, Ph.D.

Conducting Practice-Oriented Research: 
What to Do and What Not to Do in Building Partnerships



Catherine F. Eubanks

An introduction to the Rupture and Resolution Rating System (3RS)

Jon Frederickson, MSW

Psychodynamic Case Consultation

Marvin Goldfried, Ph.D.

On Possible Consequences of NIMH Funding for Psychotherapy Research and Training

Marvin Goldfried, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy Integration Past, Present, and Future

Michael J. Lambert

The Powerful Effects of Progress Feedback and Problem Solving Tools in Maximizing Positive Outcomes

John Norcross

Psychotherapy Relationships that Work

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