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SEPI Webinar Series

Reaching for Clinical Expertise: Deliberate Practice in Psychotherapy

presented by Tony Rousmaniere & Alexandre Vaz

Friday, May 29th at 6 PM EST

The Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) presents a webinar series to provide researchers, practitioners, and graduate students opportunities to (a) learn about important topics in psychotherapy and psychotherapy integration and (b) connect with a global community of people interested in advancing psychotherapy integration.

Presentations are offered by members of SEPI who are experts in their particular fields.

The webinar series is open to non-members.


Please use the online form at the bottom of this page.

This live Deliberate Practice webinar is offered free of charge. A recording of the webinar will be available to SEPI members shortly after the live event. To join SEPI, please click here.

Additional webinars will be offered until the next SEPI meeting in Lausanne, June 2021. Webinars are planned mostly on weekends. Day and time will vary due to the time zone of presenters.

About Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice, an evidence-based method for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of therapist development and skill acquisition, is one of the hottest topics in psychotherapy today. Tony and Alex will teach us about the theory and principles of deliberate practice and how it can enhance our clinical skill development for all levels of clinical experience.

SEPI’s deliberate practice webinar is based on the upcoming American Psychological Association Press's book series "The Essentials of Deliberate Practice", and the published books, "Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists", "Mastering the Inner Skills of Psychotherapy: A Deliberate Practice Handbook", and the edited volume "The Cycle of Excellence: Training, Supervision, and Deliberate Practice". Free resources on Deliberate Practice are available at the Deliberate Practice Institute here:  

About the Presenters

Tony Rousmaniere is Clinical Faculty at the University of Washington and has a private practice in Seattle. He is co-founder of the Deliberate Practice institute ( and provides workshops, webinars, and advanced clinical training and supervision to clinicians around the world.  Dr. Rousmaniere is the author/co-editor of four books on deliberate practice and psychotherapy training and co-editor of the forthcoming book series “The Essentials of Deliberate Practice” (APA Press). In 2017 he published the widely-cited article in The Atlantic Monthly, “What your therapist doesn’t know”. Dr. Rousmaniere supports the open-data movement and publishes his aggregated clinical outcome data, in de-identified form, on his website at A Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Rousmaniere was awarded the Early Career Award by the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (APA Division 29).

Alexandre Vaz is a clinical psychologist, teacher and researcher at ISPA-University Institute in Lisbon, Portugal, and co-founder of the Deliberate Practice institute ( He is Co-Editor of the American Psychological Association’s upcoming book series “The Essentials of Deliberate Practice” (APA Press). He is director of the webinar series of the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR); and holds multiple roles for SPR and the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI). Dr. Vaz is also founder and host of thePsychotherapy Expert Talks, an acclaimed interview series with distinguished psychotherapists and therapy researchers.
About SEPI

The Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) is an international, interdisciplinary organization that promotes dialogue between therapists of differing theoretical orientations. We aim to advance an understanding of the sources of therapeutic change and meet the needs of the growing ranks of integrative therapists.

SEPI brings practitioners and researchers together to learn from each other to an unprecedented degree. SEPI prides itself on being an international and multicultural organization, representing perspectives from around the world. We welcome and highly value the participation of members from diverse cultures, regions, countries, racial/ethnic backgrounds, and religions.

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