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Teaching and Training Materials: Syllabi

To provide educators with resources that may be helpful in planning and designing pedagogical materials for teaching and training in psychotherapy integration, the Education and Training (E&T) Committee has assembled, below, a catalogue of syllabi that have been developed for formal courses on psychotherapy integration, integratively oriented psychotherapy practica, and formal courses on the integration of science and practice. Clicking the name of the course, which is accompanied by the instructor’s name, will provide access to the syllabus. This will be a growing  list, and the E&T Committee will also be posting additional resources to facilitate integrative teaching and training. Please avail yourself of this rich compendium of resources!

Course Syllabi

Core Competencies in Psychotherapy A. Wolf

Learning Psychotherapy: A Time-Efficient, Research-Based, and Outcome-Measured Psychotherapy Training Program B.M. Beitman

Integrative Psychotherapy Model L. Beutler

Integrative Psychotherapy Model Handouts for Therapist Training L. Beutler

Integrative Psychotherapy Model Handouts for Supervision Training L. Beutler

Introduction to Clinical Methods J.F. Boswell

Seminar on the Integration of Psychoanalytic and Cognitive - Behavioral Psychotherapy L. Cross

Psychodynamic Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - Integration in the Trenches L. Cross

Integrative Psychotherapy Seminar Bibliography L. Cross

Evidence Based Training Practicum in Context-Responsive Psychotherapy Integration M. Constantino

Integrative Approaches to Psychotherapy B. Wolfe

Integrative Approaches to Therapy G. Stricker

Integrative Psychotherapy for Adults G. Henriques

Integrative Therapy J. Anchin

Psychotherapy Integration J. Norcross

Psychotherapy Integration G. Shahar

Methods of Intervention - Treatment of Internalizing Disorders M. Goldfried

Readings for Methods of Intervention--Treatment of Internalizing Disorders M. Goldfried

Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy with Adults M. Constantino

Concepts in Psychotherapy C.F. Eubanks

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