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Regional Network Committee

The SEPI Regional Network Committee consists of Regional Network Coordinators around the world. Coordinators work to create and maintain forums for open, regular communication about psychotherapy integration among individuals in their geographical area.  Many hold regular meetings, and offer workshops, case presentations, discussion groups, training programs, and/or invited speakers. Coordinators also help to inform Regional Network members about SEPI and encourage them to join the organization, as well as to attend and present at the annual conference. They take turns writing short pieces for The Integrative Therapist newsletter to report on Regional Network’s activities, keep the committee co-chairs informed, and meet each year at the annual SEPI conference.

Co-Chairs of the SEPI Regional Networks Committee

Mg. Doménica Klinar Alfaro

Doménica Klinar Alfaro

Aiglé Foundation
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tom Holman, Ph.D.

Tom Holman, PhD 

Faculty member, Washington School of Psychiatry
Faculty member, Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
Private Practice
Montgomery Village, Maryland USA


Coordinators of the SEPI Regional Networks


Argentine Network of Integrative Psychotherapies (Buenos Aires)

Beatriz Gomez

SEPI Study Group of the Austrian Association of Integrative Therapy (Vienna)

Fritz Betz
Markus Boeckle
Barbara Kreiner

Chilean Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy (Santiago)

Roberto Opazo
ChongQing SEPI Regional Network Mark  Stein
Hui Yang
Zengli Fan

Hellenic SEPI Regional Network (Athens, Greece) 

Kyriakos Platrites

Turkish Cypriot SEPI Regional Network (Nicosia-Lefkosa)

Erdem Akgun

Society for Psychotherapy Integration - Czech Republic (Havlíčkův Brod)

Jan Roubal

Prague SEPI Regional Network (Prague)

Magdalena Frouzová

Ecuador SEPI Regional Network (Quito)

Lucio Balarezo

Egyptian SEPI Regional Network (Alexandria)

Ahmed Rady
France SEPI Regional Network (Paris)

Maximilien Bachelart

Irish SEPI Regional Network (Dublin)

Gráinne Martin

Italian SEPI Regional Network (Bergamo)

Angelo Compare

Japanese Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (Tokyo)

Shigeru Iwakabe

Norway/Sweden SEPI Regional Network

Birgitta Elmquist  (Stockholm)
Björn Philips  (Linköping)
Marit Råbu  (Oslo)

Portuguese Group for Psychotherapy Integration (Lisbon) António Branco Vasco
Joana Fojo Ferreira

 Spanish SEPI Regional Network (Barcelona)

Luis Botella

Swiss SEPI Regional Network (Lausanne)

Ueli Kramer

 Psychotherapy Institute of Turkey (Darıca)

Tahir Özakkaş

Uruguay SEPI Regional Network (Montevideo)

Margarita Dubourdieu

Washington, DC Area SEPI Regional Network

Tom Holman

SEPI Regional Network at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Todd Favorite

Texas SEPI Regional Network (Denton, Texas)

Jeff Harris

New York SEPI (New York, New York)

Jill Bresler


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