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SEPI Awards
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SEPI Dissertation Award

Graduate students who are (a) SEPI student members, (b) not members of the SEPI research committee, and (c) had a dissertation proposal approved by their university, but have not yet completed the project at the time of submission, are eligible. The topic of the dissertation must be related to psychotherapy integration—the integration of different theoretical orientations and/or the integration of research and practice. This $1,000 monetary award can be used for any purpose related to the dissertation, such as materials, instruction, or conference participation. Doctoral students can nominate themselves or can be nominated by any SEPI member. Awardees will summarize their work at a SEPI conference once the dissertation is complete.

The 2018 winner of the dissertation award is Samantha L. Bernecker, Ph.D. Samantha is currently a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst doctoral program (mentor and nominator, Michael Constantino), and is a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard University. Her dissertation title is “Testing a skills training course for use in a peer-delivered mental health intervention” and focuses on the development and initial testing of a novel common factors intervention aimed at expanding the reach of  mental health intervention through peer counseling. Samantha independently devised a project to develop and test a novel intervention aimed at improving mental health, which she has termed “crowdsourcing mental health” (CMH). This included an online course that she developed for teaching members of a dyad how to “deliver” empirically supported integrative mental health interventions to each other in a peer-counseling program. Notably, Samantha received a prestigious pre-doctoral dissertation fellowship, from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support this innovative work. Sam has been remarkably impressive and productive for someone at such an early stage in one’s career, and she has an extraordinary grasp of the psychotherapy literature. We have no doubt that she will continue to make a substantial impact on psychotherapy integration.

Marvin R. Goldfried SEPI New Researcher Award

SEPI members who are (a) researchers with 10 or fewer years post-terminal degree (e.g., PhD, MD) and (b) are not currently members of the SEPI research committee are eligible.  Early career researchers who are more than 10 years post-training but have taken time off within their first 10 years (e.g., parental leave) will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.  This $1,000 monetary award will be based on a body of work that is impressive with regard to quality, quantity, and connection to psychotherapy integration.  At least one relevant empirical paper that is in press or has been published within the last 2 years must be submitted as part of the nomination. This award can be used as the awardee decides, although it is encouraged that it be used for SEPI conference attendance. Candidates must be nominated by a SEPI member and cannot nominate themselves. Awardees will summarize their work at a SEPI conference.

Dr. Kramer received his Ph.D. from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), and is currently a faculty member in the department of psychiatry at the University of Lausanne Switzerland. He is also an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Windsor Canada. He was nominated by Franz Caspar. As written by one of his letter writers:  [Dr. Kramer’s] track record with regard to quality, quantity, and connection to psychotherapy integration is truly impressive. His list of publications shows him as one of the most productive integratively oriented colleagues currently contributing to our growing knowledge, also through high impact journals.Dr. Kramer’s track record with regard to quality, quantity, and connection to psychotherapy integration is truly impressive. His list of publications shows him as one of the most productive integratively oriented colleagues currently contributing to our growing knowledge, also through high impact journals.


The committee had no doubt that Dr. Kramer has and will continue to be an extremely original and productive contributor to psychotherapy research in general and the integrative movement in particular, and he is highly deserving of this honor.


Paul L. Wachtel SEPI Travel Grant

The SEPI Executive Committee is pleased to invite SEPI members and SEPI fellows to apply for the Paul L. Wachtel SEPI Travel Grant to support travel to the 2018 SEPI conference in New York, NY, USA.  This travel grant provides financial support for SEPI members and SEPI fellows who actively support SEPI’s development and who wish to attend the annual conference.  Up to two $1,000 travel grants will be made to SEPI members to help reduce conference travel expenses.

Practitioners who lack institutional support for travel are particularly encouraged to apply. Members of the SEPI Executive Committee are not eligible for the award.  Student members are not eligible for this award, but are encouraged to apply for student travel awards; more information can be found in the Call for Papers for the conference.

To apply, please complete the application form that is available here.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of the 2018 SEPI President, the President-elect, and the Past President.
Within 30 days of the conclusion of the conference, awardees must provide a brief written report on their experience at the conference and its impact on their future plans.  Attendees must also submit original receipts of their travel expenses.

The 2018 winners are Margarita Dubourdieu & Anisha Shaw.


Arnkoff & Glass Award for Regional Network of the Year

This annual award, named in honor of Drs. Diane Arnkoff and Carol Glass, is presented during the SEPI conference to a Regional Network that has contributed significantly to the mission of SEPI. The Regional Network receiving the award will have:

  • worked actively to build membership in their group
  • encouraged its members to join SEPI
  • created opportunities for individuals in their geographical area to meet regularly
  • organized activities with a focus on psychotherapy integration (e.g., invited speakers, workshops, case presentations, discussion groups, training programs, case consultations, collaborative research, or other innovative programs)
  • existed for at least two years and submitted the last two annual reports to the chair of the Regional Network Committee.

Nominations for the award can be submitted to the Regional Network Committee chair by February 1 and/or the Regional Network Committee chair will nominate a group.

The Arnkoff & Glass Award comes with a plaque and a monetary prize presented to the Regional Network Coordinator. The monetary prize must be used to fund future activities of the Network (e.g., honoraria or travel reimbursement for speakers), and the coordinator must report back to the Regional Network Committee chair within a year of receiving the award how the money was spent.

The 2018 winner is Argentine RN, Beatriz Gomez. The Argentine RN has a very long list of activities and accomplishments promoting psychotherapy integration. These include lectures and workshops by prominent therapists and researchers in Argentina, in Latin America, Europe, the United States, and from other countries. They conduct a graduate training program in integrative psychotherapy in collaboration with the Ackerman Institute, New York, and the University of Valencia, in Spain. They have conducted collaborative research on The Personal Style of the Therapist, with universities in Barcelona and Valencia. Their organization also publishes the Argentine Journal of Clinical Psychology.

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