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Arnkoff & Glass Award for Regional Network of the Year

Arnkoff & Glass Award for Regional Network of the Year

This annual award, named in honor of Drs. Diane Arnkoff and Carol Glass, is presented during the SEPI conference to a Regional Network that has contributed significantly to the mission of SEPI. The Regional Network receiving the award will have:

  • worked actively to build membership in their group
  • encouraged its members to join SEPI
  • created opportunities for individuals in their geographical area to meet regularly
  • organized activities with a focus on psychotherapy integration (e.g., invited speakers, workshops, case presentations, discussion groups, training programs, case consultations, collaborative research, or other innovative programs)
  • existed for at least two years and submitted the last two annual reports to the chair of the Regional Network Committee.

Nominations for the award can be submitted to the Regional Network Committee chair by February 1 and/or the Regional Network Committee chair will nominate a group.

The Arnkoff & Glass Award comes with a plaque and a monetary prize presented to the Regional Network Coordinator. The monetary prize must be used to fund future activities of the Network (e.g., honoraria or travel reimbursement for speakers), and the coordinator must report back to the Regional Network Committee chair within a year of receiving the award how the money was spent.

The 2018 winner is Argentine RN, Beatriz Gomez. The Argentine RN has a very long list of activities and accomplishments promoting psychotherapy integration. These include lectures and workshops by prominent therapists and researchers in Argentina, in Latin America, Europe, the United States, and from other countries. They conduct a graduate training program in integrative psychotherapy in collaboration with the Ackerman Institute, New York, and the University of Valencia, in Spain. They have conducted collaborative research on The Personal Style of the Therapist, with universities in Barcelona and Valencia. Their organization also publishes the Argentine Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Previous Winners:



Magdalena Frouzova


Czech Republic RN.



Beatriz Gomez

Argentine SEPI Regional Network.


Tahir Ozakkas


Psikoterapi Enstitüsü, Turkey.

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