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An Integrated Approach to
Treatment of Patients with
Personality Disorders

I-Sharing on the Couch: On the Clinical Implications of Shared Subjective Experience 

John F. Clarkin, Nicole Cain,
W. John Livesly

Elizabeth C. Pinel, Samantha L. Bernecker,
Nolan M. Rampy




Journal of Psychotherapy Integration
2015, Vol. 25, No. 1, 3–12
Journal of Psychotherapy Integration
2015, Vol. 25, No. 2, 59–7


Special Series

edited by Mike Constantino and Marvin R. Goldfried

  • The Problem Is My Partner: Treating Couples When One Partner Wants the Other to Change by Kieran T. Sullivan and Joanne Davila [Abstract]
  • Cognitive Distortion in Interpersonal Relations: Clinical Implications of Social Cognitive Research on Person Perception by Susan M. Andersen and Elizabeth Przybylinski [Abstract]
  • Basic Science and Clinical Application of the Contrast Avoidance Model in Generalized Anxiety Disorder by Michelle G. Newman et al. [Abstract]
  • I-Sharing on the Couch: On the Clinical Implications of Shared Subjective Experience by Elizabeth C. Pinel, Samantha L. Bernecker and Nolan M. Rampy [Abstract]
  • Traumatic Bereavement: Basic Research and Clinical Implications by Nicole Barlé, Camille B. Wortman, and Jessica A. Latack [Abstract]
  • An Integrative Theory of Psychotherapy: Research and Practice by Seymour Epstein and Martha L. Epstein [Abstract]
  • Cognitive Attributions in Depression: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Clinical Practice by Liza M. Rubenstein and Rachel D. Freed et al. [Abstract]
  • Perceived Control and Mindfulness: Implications for Clinical Practice by Francesco Pagnini, Katherine Bercovitz and Ellen Langer [Abstract]
  • Emotional Processes in Borderline Personality Disorder: An Update for Clinical Practice by Katherine L. Dixon-Gordon et al. [Abstract]
  • Crossing Boundaries for Borderline Personality Disorder: Comment on Dixon-Gordon, Peters, Fertuck, and Yen (2016) by Kevin S. McCarthy and Anne P. Taylor [Abstract]
  • Clinical Implications of a General Psychopathology Factor: A Cognitive–Behavioral Transdiagnostic Group Treatment for Community Mental Health by Matthew A. Meier and Madeline H. Meier [Abstract]
  • The Elusive Connection Between Stress and Infertility: A Research Review With Clinical Implications by Joann Paley Galst [Abstract]
  • Mental Imagery: From Basic Research to Clinical Practice by Simon E. Blackwell [Abstract]
  • Black American Psychological Help-Seeking Intention: An Integrated Literature Review With Recommendations for Clinical Practice by Renée E. Taylor and Ben C. H. Kuo [Abstract]
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