The Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration

SEPI is an international, interdisciplinary organization. Our aim is to promote the development of psychotherapies that integrate theoretical orientations, clinical practices, and diverse methods of inquiry. SEPI brings practitioners and researchers together to learn from each other to an unprecedented degree. Effective psychotherapies must be rooted in both clinical and empirical exploration and therefore we facilitate collaboration between practitioner and researcher.

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SEPI is committed to working toward closing the clinical-research gap by fostering collaborative interactions between clinicians and researchers and  strengthening a collaborative dialogue across theoretical orientations.

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The Integrative Therapist

Timely. Accessible. Relevant. SEPI’s newsletter The Integrative Therapist  brings you brief, conversational pieces that get to the heart of what SEPI is about - integration across theories, between clinicians and researchers, and across cultures around the world.

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Annual Meeting

We look forward to seeing you at SEPI's 37th Annual Meeting, June 10-12, 2021. The meeting will be held online and includes many synchronous and asynchronous/on-demand options. This will be a wonderful opportunity to gather as a global community.  

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Journal of Psychotherapy Integration

Journal of Psychotherapy Integration is the official journal of SEPI. The overarching goal is to significantly advance knowledge and application of psychotherapy integration.

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